Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Death in our family...

My mom called today and told me that my Great Aunt Delsie died. I know for some families you might not even KNOW your great aunt. But in my mom's family WE DID. We had yearly family reunions up until my grandmother passed away, maybe a couple after, b/c she planned them. All my grandmother's sisters (she had 3) lived in the same town, one lived right down the road from her. So we saw all of our cousins and aunts A LOT growing up. Aunt Delsie was my favorite great aunt. She was always so fun and full of life. Dancing and singing. She was so much fun. I have the most memories of time with her. I remember her quilts and remember wanting one so badly. And at my bridal shower she gave me one. I was SO HAPPY! I know she didn't remember me telling her I wanted one, but I felt so special to receive one, and Keith and I still treasure that quilt to this day, it will be a family heirloom along with the one my grandmother made. This just makes me so sad. The funeral is tomorrow, so quick - but all of her family is near, and doesn't have to come from out of state. Keith and I are going to the funeral, and of course I am freaking out already. But she was in her late 80's and she lived a long life, and I am honored to have known her and called her family.
Love & Blessings...

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